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*Not related to CAVA assignments but wanting to ‘nail’ this down because it’s so damn fascinating.


CAVA Ass 2A – Experimenting with encaustic and ink

Presentation: Display experimental projects and pass around for observation. Show short compilation video of creating projects while discussing goals, process and results.                    Visual material: experimental projects, video (using usb stick and laptop on projector?)      Engaging the audience: with my comedic wit. (j/k) Engagement will come with passing around the completed projects and allowing a tactile experience as well as seeing the process visually through video.

CAVA Ass 2 – Encaustic 4

Again, knowing wax is non-porous, I wanted to see if I could apply ink over and under wax layers. My first layer was oil crayon and a page torn out of an old book then covered in wax. I made marks in the wax to the base level to pour ink into. Excess ink was wiped away and an extra layer of wax placed on top of the ink layer. Although I consider this experiment somewhat positive, I probably rushed the process and may have had a better result if I’d waited for the ink to completely dry. There was some bleeding with the top layer of wax due to the ink still having wet spots. Overall, I am happy with the result.

A failure is a success, right?

This iteration was again about ink, wax and medium. I used plaster wrap on cardboard as my base, threw india ink over it and *hopefully* see some good reactions from ink reacting, soaking into, spreading into plaster. Now, I realise plaster itself is not necessarily porous, however, I was hoping the ink would react somehow other than sitting on the surface. The ink pretty much stayed where it was with no exciting reactions. I waxed, fused and played around with markings, using a variety of tools and junk. In the end, I removed markings to clear the surface to see the ink on the base. This did NOT do what I hoped it would do. It became a successful candidate for “ugly art”. 

CAVA Ass 2: Iteration 2

My second iteration still involves ink. I printed some graphics off on my laser printer. After choosing a graphic, I prepared some board with wax and burnished the image onto the board. I wasn’t sure if the graphic would ‘take’ or what the result would be. I was impressed after wetting the paper and rubbing it away to see a beautiful, clear image. Technically, therein ends the experiment, however, I finished the project with some pigment, a collage word and marking. It’s very simple and I’m quite pleased with the result.

Ass 2 – Experimentation – Encaustic 1

Experiment 1 has been interesting. Not the doing. That was just fun. The videoing and the editing and the crying in my peanuts?  Let’s just not talk about it here. I’ll save it for my therapist. Next challenge is to see if I can successfully upload a video of said experiment. Ya ready? (as in – got the tissues ready?)

Experiment 1:  Encaustic Collage

For this experiment, I bought some India Ink and dropped some onto a canvas, then dipped it into my first layer of wax.  From there, there was some trimming and tidying up of wax, fusing and layering some collage of cogs and paper into the mix. More wax. More fusing. More trimming. I then added some coloured wax and finished with rubbing pigment into the marks made. Not sure I am entirely happy with my first attempt, but we all need to begin somewhere, right!

*Disclaimer – This project was produced on one of the wettest days in NSW, now going down in history as the day that shut down the UOW Arts Dept. 😉 This officially classified the remainder of the day as Pajama Day. (So, yes, you will see me rockin’ my jammies!)

Assignment Two – and a question relating to iteration and experimentation.

Experimentation. Well that’s open! And iteration. ok, let’s do this.
If we are doing 4 x 30 second videos, then there has to be some fast thinking on this one.
My thoughts currently are:
4 different experiments with encaustic wax.
I will create 4 separate pieces of encaustic but use 4 different materials and/or methods to see what occurs within the materials and medium (wax).
I have only had one encounter with this medium, so the world of encaustic is pretty new to me but it was certainly a positive experience. I won’t wax lyrical about the emotions it stirred (see what I did there?), but it was certainly a medium that left me wanting to play more and create and here, dropped right into my lap, is the command, “Go forth and experiment.”
Basic Medium: Encaustic Wax.
Materials I’d like to experiment with:
1. Ink, probably Indian or some other calligraphy ink, on canvas
2. Images to transfer onto the wax medium.
3. Images and mixed media (rusty bits, paper, wire or whatever I can find in the junk drawer) to incorporate into the wax medium.
4. Incorporating plaster and fabric into the wax medium.
My question is this: Do those four processes meet the “Iteration” clause?

If the project uses basically the same medium but different products/materials in 4 different ways,
does this count as iteration?
Encaustic Wax
  Crystal Neubauer Artist: Crystal Neubauer.
Out door set up of encaustic wax
waxy goodness
Encaustic wax: tools and medium
Tap In PBS  900 x 675 Artist: Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
*I am not wanting to recreate these images, but am posting to give a sense of what I’d like to attempt.