Assignment Two – and a question relating to iteration and experimentation.

Experimentation. Well that’s open! And iteration. ok, let’s do this.
If we are doing 4 x 30 second videos, then there has to be some fast thinking on this one.
My thoughts currently are:
4 different experiments with encaustic wax.
I will create 4 separate pieces of encaustic but use 4 different materials and/or methods to see what occurs within the materials and medium (wax).
I have only had one encounter with this medium, so the world of encaustic is pretty new to me but it was certainly a positive experience. I won’t wax lyrical about the emotions it stirred (see what I did there?), but it was certainly a medium that left me wanting to play more and create and here, dropped right into my lap, is the command, “Go forth and experiment.”
Basic Medium: Encaustic Wax.
Materials I’d like to experiment with:
1. Ink, probably Indian or some other calligraphy ink, on canvas
2. Images to transfer onto the wax medium.
3. Images and mixed media (rusty bits, paper, wire or whatever I can find in the junk drawer) to incorporate into the wax medium.
4. Incorporating plaster and fabric into the wax medium.
My question is this: Do those four processes meet the “Iteration” clause?

If the project uses basically the same medium but different products/materials in 4 different ways,
does this count as iteration?
Encaustic Wax
  Crystal Neubauer Artist: Crystal Neubauer.
Out door set up of encaustic wax
waxy goodness
Encaustic wax: tools and medium
Tap In PBS  900 x 675 Artist: Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
*I am not wanting to recreate these images, but am posting to give a sense of what I’d like to attempt.

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