Ass 2 – Experimentation – Encaustic 1

Experiment 1 has been interesting. Not the doing. That was just fun. The videoing and the editing and the crying in my peanuts?  Let’s just not talk about it here. I’ll save it for my therapist. Next challenge is to see if I can successfully upload a video of said experiment. Ya ready? (as in – got the tissues ready?)

Experiment 1:  Encaustic Collage

For this experiment, I bought some India Ink and dropped some onto a canvas, then dipped it into my first layer of wax.  From there, there was some trimming and tidying up of wax, fusing and layering some collage of cogs and paper into the mix. More wax. More fusing. More trimming. I then added some coloured wax and finished with rubbing pigment into the marks made. Not sure I am entirely happy with my first attempt, but we all need to begin somewhere, right!

*Disclaimer – This project was produced on one of the wettest days in NSW, now going down in history as the day that shut down the UOW Arts Dept. 😉 This officially classified the remainder of the day as Pajama Day. (So, yes, you will see me rockin’ my jammies!)


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